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Premiere: CAIN ‘Gundon Night’

 Scottish producer CAIN ties up a trilogy of releases on Fine Grains with his ‘High Call’ album. Hear the hypnotising bass pull of ‘Gundon Night’ now

CAIN has dropped his latest album, ‘High Call’. 

His latest release follows a string of EPs on Amsterdam Based label and Red Light Radio affiliates Fine Grains, where artists like Cohoba and Beatbully & Fitzroy North have found a home for their releases.

‘High Call’ is comprised of seven alluring, vocal-heavy tracks, laced with percussion and hypnotic heady rhythms. Opener ‘Caapi’ forges a path for the tracks that follow, with soothing chimes and a mesmerizing drum pattern.

‘Gundon Night’ seperates itself from the rest of the album, opening with a sinister yet infectious dub wobble. Minimalistic percussive elements layer on the off-kilter foundation, with an entrancing vocal chant adding to the track’s chaotic atmosphere.

The album also features a remix from Japanese producer Jun Kamoda, who pays homage to the pre-medieval origins of carnivals on his rework of the title track.

‘High Call’ is out now and available to purchase here. Listen to ‘Gundon Night’ below.