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Premiere: Cando ‘Clutch (Bakongo Remix)’

Bristol’s Cando step up on Le Chatroom with six cuts of percussive UK techno. Hear Bakongo’s beefed-up remix of ‘Clutch’ now

Bristol duo Cando will release a new EP via London’s Le Chatroom label this month. 

Following their 2019 debut release on Livity Sound, Cando’s six-track ‘Clutch’ EP offers four original cuts of percussive UK techno, accompanied by remixes from scene fixtures Bakongo and Kouslin. 

From the sizzling syncopated club beat of ‘Clutch’ and deconstructed dub of ‘14U’ to the chirruping melodies of ‘Ambivalence’, this EP touches on numerous corners of the current UK scene, and has garnered early support from the likes of Surgeon, Peverelist and Hodge. 

Below, you can hear Bakongo (aka UK Funky hero Roska), who beefs up the original mix of ‘Clutch’ with a bassier, driving energy. 

The ‘Clutch’ EP will be released on 17th September. You can pre-order it here