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Premiere: Clu ‘Arp Citadel’

Murlo’s Coil Records readies a stunning narrative EP of glimmering electronics from Irish producer Clu, with a new track out every day this week. Hear the third, ‘Arp Citadel’, now

The next release on Murlo’s Coil records comes from Irish producer, Clu.

‘Always Forever’ marks the first new music from the artist since 2016, with a new track and video being shared from the EP every day this week. The two videos shared so far – for ‘I Lost My Way’ and ‘Ocelot’ – have featured Murlo’s distinctively animated visual style, providing a delicately paced narrative to Clu’s electronics. 

The videos present the story of a hooded character, who is on a quest to find the forger of a Claddagh ring. Each video comes paired with a narrative quote. The first reads, “I remember how the ring glistened as she stroked my cheek”. The second continues, “I needed the metals for the forger. A contact out of the city told me to visit Ocelot in the Southern Quarter. She gave me a bell and my next location.”

‘Arp Citadel’ is the third track/video to be shared from the video, coming paired with the following quote: “The bell’s chime glanced off of the Citadel’s hard marble surface”.

The track, meanwhile, is a lush cut of soft pianos, sparkling synth arpeggios, a crisp beat and just a touch of delicate acid. Check it out below. 

'Always Forever' will be officially released this Friday 1st November. Pre-order it here

Photo credit: Faolán Carey