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Premiere: Crypticz & Itoa ‘Street Drinker’

Crypticz and Itoa team up on Rudimentary Records with the ‘How It’s Done’ EP. Hear the percussive, rolling juke fusion, ‘Street Drinker’, now

Crypticz and Itoa will release a collaborative EP, ‘How It’s Done’ via Belfast’s Rudimentary Records this Friday 9th August.

Marking both producers’ debut on the label, the four track release finds the pair blending their own distinct styles into a jukey, dubby, drum & bassy fusion – with some electrifying results. 

The quality on display here is unsurprising given both Crypticz and Itoa’s individual catalogues of releases, with the former having released on Diffrent Music and Cosmic Bridge and the latter boasting a raft of killer releases on labels like Exit Records and Bad Taste. 

The tracks from ‘Crypticz X Itoa’ have been floating around for quite some time, with the percussive, rolling juke fusion ‘Street Drinker’ appearing in an immense mix Itoa did for our Fresh Kicks series back in 2017. 

Now you can hear the track below on its own ahead of the full EP’s release on Friday. Pre-order it here.