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Premiere: David Kochs 'End Scene'

David Kochs and Dominik Marz will drop a collaborative EP via Huntleys + Palmers' sub-label, Belters, next month. Listen to the intensity build with a heady, rhythmic beat and atmospheric arpeggios on Koch's second contribution for the release, 'End Scene'

David Kochs and Dominik Marz will drop a new EP on Belters next week.

Launched in 2016, Belters, sub-label of Glasgow-based Huntleys + Palmers, has released music from the likes of Jordan, T E S T P R E S S, and both Kochs and Marz, whos latest offering comes as a melting pot of untraditional, off-kilter deep house and tech sounds.

Incoming on the 18th October, the EP serves as the 20th release on Belters, and features two tracks from both the DJ/producers. Opening with the dancefloor-ready chug of 'Ghost Trance', Kochs builds the atmosphere and intensity further with his second offering 'End Scene', melding a rhythmic, four-four beat and driving synth arpeggios.

Pre-order the colllaborative EP here and listen to 'End Scene' below.

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