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Premiere: Diana Azzuz ‘Pathos (Swan Meat Remix)’

Kyiv club ∄’s label, Standard Deviation, readies the dark, genre-hopping debut EP from Diana Azzuz. Hear Swan Meat’s scorching acid trance remix of ‘Pathos’ now

Ukrainian artist Diana Azzuz will release her debut solo EP this month via Kyiv club ∄’s label, Standard Deviation. 

Across three original tracks and two remixes from eea (aka M.E.S.H.) and Swan Meat, ‘Anastrophe’ blends elements of techno, deconstructed club music, dancehall, trance, ambient and more, all siphoned through a fog of hauntingly dark atmosphere. 

‘A Very Touchy Spot’ is a propulsive, glitchy opener that will appeal to fans of Aïsha Devi and Oneohtrix Point Never, while ‘Recursive Gesture’ and ‘Pathos’ wear their genre-hopping ferocity with pride. 

eea and Swan Meat’s remixes pair perfectly with Azzuz’s original cuts. Eea’s rework of ‘Recursive Gesture’ is a marching industrial cut that feels tailor made for a Willikens & Ivkovic set, while Swan Meat’s take on ‘Pathos’ is a scorching hi-tempo acid trance belter – a bolt of wild peak-time electricity. Check it out below. 

‘Anastrophe’ will be released on 20th July. You can pre-order it here.