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Premiere: DJ Bone ‘Rosedale Park’

The legendary DJ Bone readies his second LP of 2018, ‘Beyond’. ‘Rosedale Park’ is a propulsive, drum-led stormer embellished with a subtle, cascading melody…

DJ Bone will release his second full-length LP of 2018 on 7th December.

Set for release via his own Subject Detroit label, ‘Beyond’ is the second part of a trilogy of albums, with a third set to land in early 2019. The albums were all written upon the longstanding DJ and producer’s return to his home city of Detroit in 2017.

You can hear that in every corner of ‘Beyond’, an 11-track album stacked with classic Motor City sounds from the propulsive, defiant beats to the otherworldly electro melodies and hooks, all weaving through its impeccable techno foundation.

‘Rosadale Park’ – named after the residential district where Bone's father lived – is a mid-album peak, with a percussive and organic beat hurtling forward as a subtle, cascading melody burrows its way into your psyche (and stays long after the track has ended). Check it out below.

Pre-order ‘Beyond’ here.

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