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Premiere: DJ Delish ‘Identity’

Philadelphia’s DJ Delish steps up on New York’s Sweat Equity with the ‘XP’ EP. Hear the ruminative and deliciously rhythmic, ‘Identity’ now…

Dj Delish Premiere DJ Mag two
Dj Delish Premiere DJ Mag two

DJ Delish will release her debut solo 12”, ‘XP’, via New York’s Sweat Equity label on 19th July. 

A mainstay of Philadelphia and the East Coast’s club sphere, the DJ, producer, vocalist, host and dancer has, for some years now, been crafting a distinct take on vogue and ballroom sounds, bringing an experimental and personal edge to its irresistible rhythms. 

With an extensive back-catalogue of single tracks and digital EPs, ‘XP’ follows Delish’s previous outing on Sweat Equity alongside the label’s Macy Rodman. The record’s six tracks fuse elements of house, ballroom and hip-hop, with rich textures and melodies weaving sumptuously around lyrics detailing stories of shady promoters, sexual intrigue and more. 

‘Identity’ is a highlight, taking a bouncy, off-kilter rhythm and dousing it in ruminative ambient keys and chimes. Check it out below. 

Pre-order ‘XP’ here.