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Premiere: Duke ‘Naona laaah feat. Mczo & Don Tach’

Tanzanian producer Duke readies his Nyege Nyege debut, ‘Uingizaji Hewa’. Hear the Singeli artist’s fiery collab with MCZO and Don Tach now…

Duke, one of the producers at the helm of Tanzania’s Singeli scene, will release his new album, ‘Uingizaji Hewa’, via Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Tapes on 8th March.

The Dar Es Salaam-based producer made the album at his Pamoja Records studio, located nearby to the Singeli scene’s best known creative hub, Sisso Studios. Featuring an array of MCs from the burgeoning scene – MCZO, Dogo Lizzi, Pirato MC and Kashiwashi – the album is an exhilarating showcase of a unique style which has been growing in the city for over a decade now.

With an incendiary pace (at times, up to 300 BPM), furious rhythms and haywire sampling of everything from local advertisements to ambient street sounds, the tracks on ‘Uingizaji Hewa’ are alive and electrified by their DIY, punk ethos and intent. This is clear from the off, as ‘Naona laaah’ opens the album with airhorns, spoken TV samples and rattling drum bursts before the rhythm settles in and MCZO, pictured above with Duke, unleashes his verses with quickfire abandon. You can hear it below.

Pre-order ‘Uingizaji Hewa’ here.