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Premiere: ELLES ‘gotchu’

London’s ELLES makes debut on Violet’s Naive with the ‘summers_of_love’ EP. Sewn together with warped bass and elegant piano, hear tough two-step opener ‘gotchu’ now

ELLES will release her new EP, ‘summers_of_love’, via Violet’s Naive label on 28th February.

Fusing sturdy house and garage grooves with reflective vocals and elegant melodies, these four tracks are the Rinse FM resident’s most accomplished to date, also mark her debut vinyl release. 

It’s not the first time the London producer has worked with Violet either. The pair have collaborated in the past on tracks ‘A Life Lived In Fear Is Like A Life Half Lived’ [Love On The Rocks] and ‘YRNYB’ [Ears Have Eyes], and in 2018 ELLES release her debut solo EP  on Naive’s digital sub-label naivety with ‘emo_ecstasy_everything’.

Where ‘emo_ecstasy_everything’ shone with its sparse arrangements and melancholic atmosphere, ‘summers_of_love’ is tailored for sun-kissed dancefloors. Replete with bouncy two-step rhythms, melodic garage motifs and subtle rave nods, each track here feels like it was made to be heard in the golden hour of a festival, when the energy is just starting to pick up for the night ahead and everything feels exciting and bright. 

‘gotchu’ opens the EP with a tough but unhurried two-step groove, a burly bass line and a gossamer-light piano sample. Check it out below. 

Pre-order ‘summers_of_love’ here.