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Premiere: Etch ‘Black Rainbow’

Etch’s forthcoming ‘Ups & Downs’ LP lives up to its name with a mix of fiery breakbeats and dark, moody bass cuts. ‘Black Rainbow’ captures both sides masterfully in a flurry of deep, atmospheric jungle...

Brighton producer Etch will return with his ‘Ups & Downs’ LP on 19th October. Set for release via  Sneaker Social Club x Gully the 12-track album comprises of a wide array of tracks produced between 2014 and 2018 during periods of exciting peaks and difficult lows.

‘Ups & Downs’ is thematically rich and showcases the producer’s – Zak Brashill – continued flourishing as one of the strongest producer’s in the UK’s jungle, half-time and breakbeat sphere.

Etch’s music is described as being inspired by “psychedelic experiences, sci-fi, occult and horror themed films and the evolution of gaming”, and those atmospheres are everywhere in this album. With a flourish of the teen goth still living within him, and a human touch in every cut, this is a selection worth spending time with – from its Burial-reminiscent dub cuts right to it’s fiery break peaks.

‘Black Rainbow’ – premiering below – captures the overriding mood of the collection beautifully, with a deep, moody feel propelled by a razor sharp beat.

Pre-order 'Ups & Downs' here.