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Premiere: Forest Drive West ‘Reshape’

Forest Drive West steps up on Neighbourhood with his most techno-leaning venture to date. ‘Reshape’ is a galloping deep groover embellished with dark electronics…

Forest Drive West has been on a roll lately. With releases on Rupture LDN, Appian Sounds and Peverelist’s Livity Sound, the UK DJ/producer has been showcasing a versatile scope and talent with sounds veering from blistering, break-laden jungle to murky dub.

Now, he has readied four brand-new killer cuts for the ever-consistent London label, Neighbourhood. Marking the first time Forest Drive West has released a selection of pure techno tracks, this EP – Neighbourhood’s fourth – is an enticing trip into deep, gnarled territory.

‘Reshape’ – premiering below – gallops down a dark tunnel, beckoning listeners in with a dark, percussive groove and subtle, eerie electronics. It’s one to alter the mood of any dancefloor.

‘UN​/​Wait​/​Reshape​/​Functional’ is set for release next Friday 28th September. Pre-order it here