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Premiere: Francis Inferno Orchestra 'Drongo Bongo'

Australian DJ and producer Francis Inferno Orchestra will feature on Paramida's upcoming Love On The Rocks compilation, entitled 'Supergau'. Listen to the swirling percussion and intoxicating ambience on 'Drongo Bongo' now 

Berlin-based label Love On The Rocks will release a four-disc compilation to celebrate its fifth anniversary next month.

Releasing music from the likes of BUNKR, Das Komplex, and Ghost Vision, Paramida's label has invited a host of label affiliates and friends to celebrate five years of the imprint's "ups and downs, tears and joy, growing, losing and finding itself again."

Entitled 'Supergau: 5 Years Of Love On The Rocks', which Paramida explains to mean "A disaster beyond all expectations", the compilation features contributions from the likes of Daniela La Luz, Kornél Kovács, ELLES and Violet, alongside a contribution from Francis Inferno Orchestra.

With prior releases on Superconscious Records and FINA, the Australian DJ and producer takes the listener through an exhilarating trip of swirling percussion and distorted shamanic laughter. Amplified in the latter with slow, spiralling synth-work, 'Drongo Bongo' captures intoxicating club atmosphere to a tee.

Pre-order 'Supergau: 5 Years Of Love On The Rocks' here and listen to 'Drongo Bongo' below.