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Premiere: Fred und Luna ‘Compostonikum’

Mysterious mannequins Fred und Luna ready their ‘Im Tanzrausch’ EP on Compost Records. Hear the jaunty Krautelektro of ‘Compostonikum’...

Fred und Luna – ostensibly two stylish mannequins with bright red hair – will release their new ‘Im Tanzrausch’ EP via Compost Records on 22nd March.

The project – which is actually that of one artist based in Karlsruhe – readies this new four track EP just a month after the release of the ‘Im Tiefenrausch’ LP, also on Compost. This new EP finds the act putting more focus on the dancefloor, with club-fit rhythms and hefty bass grooves. Nonetheless, the act’s fondness for all things krautrock and experimental endures with jaunty pacing and off-kilter moments.

With previous releases on label’s like Optimo Music and Innervisions, this new outing is another fine example of the stylistic twist-up Fred und Luna have come to define as Elektrokraut/Krautelektro. Nowhere is this better evidenced than on the track ‘Compostonikum’, which is premiering below.

You’ll be able to purchase ‘Im Tanzrausch’ here