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Premiere: Gerry Read ‘Today or Tomorrow’

Gerry Read steps up on Herbert’s Accidental Jnr imprint with the ‘Preventing Violence Against Ears’ EP. ‘Today or Tomorrow’ is a colourful, bassy opener to a minimal house EP full of subtle charm…

London-based producer Gerry Read will release his ‘Preventing Violence Against Ears’ EP on Herbert’s Accidental Jnr imprint on 9th November.

As the title might suggest, it’s a suitably easy going affair that holds onto a steady percussive pulse throughout its four tracks. Fans of Four Tet’s ‘There Is Love In You’ or Martyn’s two-step and bass nodding productions will find a lot to love on this EP.

‘Lick It Off The Floor’ has the cold bass heft of Aus Music’s catalog while ‘Preventing’ closes the EP with a muffled jazz sample, ticklish percussion and melodic chimes.

‘Today or Tomorrow’, which you can hear below, is colourful and bassy, full of subtle flair and minimal groove. Switching at its mid-point to a summery guitar lick and slight, altered vocal sample turns it into the sort of track

Pre-order ‘Preventing Violence Against Ears’ here.