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Premiere: Glimmerman ‘Chainlink'

New Dublin label, Woozy, lays out its UK soundsystem indebted ethos with a bass-heavy debut comp. Hear the psychedelic d&b of Glimmerman’s ‘Chainlink’ now

Dublin party Woozy has launched its label with seven cuts of dub-inspired bass weight and percussive heat, set for release on 4th September. 

Drawing on the influence of labels like Deep Medi, Timedance and 3024, EMA and Sputnik One’s imprint creates an Irish outpost for contemporary club sounds that dance at the crossroads between dubstep, techno and jungle. Bristol artists Jurango and Yushh drink deep from the city’s bass well on two psychedelic drum workouts, while Brooklyn’s Kellen303 delivers impeccable, cavernous dubstep on ‘Pinehearse’. 

Glimmerman and San race to the finish with ‘Chainlink’ and ‘Unknown Terms’, bringing this striking debut comp to a euphoric d&b close. Check out Glimmerman’s ‘Chainlink’ below. 

Pre-order ‘Woozy001’ here.