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Premiere: GLOK ‘Kolokol’

RIDE’S Andy Bell has announced his new album ‘Dissident’ under electronic alias, GLOK. Listen to the serene, balearic beats of ‘Kolokol’ now...

Shoegaze pioneer and RIDE guitarist Andrew Bell has announced a new seven-track album, ‘Dissident’, under his electronic moniker GLOK.

Most of the tracks from ‘Dissident’ were released anonymously in recent years with the full album set to land on 5th July via Ransom Note Records offshoot Bytes.  

Speaking about GLOK and the initial anonymity of the project, Bell shared with CLASH magazine that he “wanted the music to exist outside of any preconceptions, at least for a few months.”

‘Kolokol’ is a swirling, spaced-out mixture of synthwave, cinematic techno, ambience with a glistening chord progression. It sits perfectly in an album that traverses sonic territories of krautrock, kosmische and new age with more than enough dancefoor flourishes. 

‘Dissident’ is set for release 5th july on limited edition cassette format and digital download. Listen to ‘Kolokol’ now.