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Premiere: Héctor Oaks ‘Improved Motto’

Bassiani resident Héctor Oaks steps up with the revered Tbilisi club’s brand new label with the ‘As We Were Saying’ LP. Hear the defiant and triumphant ‘Improved Motto’ now...

Hallowed Tbilisi club Bassiani has launched its new label with a new LP from one of its residents, Héctor Oak.

The pivotal Georgian venue was at the centre of a global show of solidarity within the dance music world back in May after it was subjected to an unwarranted armed raid in the middle of a party, allegedly in response to five drug related deaths in the city. After two weeks of protests, some of which were held outside the city’s parliament buildings, the club reopened. Bassiani’s owners vocally denied any links to the incidents and declared the government and police actions were part of a right-wing “smear campaign” to see the clubs closed and the city’s culture damaged.

As such, Oaks’ album resonates with defiance and liberation with a triumphant atmosphere bursting from its propulsive techno foundations. The feeling that this is really a concept album about the club’s resolution and vitality can even be spotted in track names like ‘Purpose-Method’ and ‘Together We Stand’.

‘Improved Motto’ appears toward the end of the 11 track collection, a slamming cut with razor sharp percussion and a swerving melodic touch. Check it out below.

‘As We Were Saying’ is out on 7th December. Pre-order the forward thinking and forward looking LP here.