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Premiere: Hard Fantasy ‘Body Prison’

London label Edited Arts launches new charity compilation project, Endorphins, with 12 cathartic club cuts. Hear the erupting percussion and electrifying sirens of Hard Fantasy’s ‘Body Prison’ now

London label Edited Arts has launched a new project, Endorphins, with the purpose of releasing a series of charity compilations. 

The first compilation in the series will be released on Monday 21st September, and features 12 cuts from contributors including Lighght, Cassius Select, Shelley Parker, Jasper Jarvis and more. The compilation finds artists responding to the notion of the “happy hormone that acts to relieve pain”. It’s a cathartic collection of exhilarating, experimental music for the dancefloor and beyond. Hear London artist Hard Fantasy’s high-octane contribution below, with its erupting percussion and electrifying electronic sirens. 

All proceeds from the compilation will go to Black Minds Matter and Drake Music

You can pre-order the compilation here.