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Premiere: Hooverian Blur ‘Alcatraz’

Hooverian Blur is the new alias of Rag & Bone founder Warlock...


Hooverian Blur drops his debut release, ‘Varvet009’, on the Berlin-based label this Friday (21st December). You can listen to exclusive premiere of ‘Alcatraz’ from it below.

The new alias of London-based Rag & Bone founder Warlock, Hooverian Blur pairs smudged soundscapes with chopped warehouse breaks across the release.

Speaking about the EP, he told DJ Mag, “There wasn’t a pre-determined goal or intention when making ‘Alcatraz’. I just loaded up a couple of classic breaks, chopped them about a bit, then jammed on the Moog for a while until I came up with that big gnarly lead.

“It’s just out and out dancefloor energy and definitely makes a nod to early 2000s breakbeat music, but the nod I think was more from the components than from me.

“There is intention, however, behind the Hooverian Blur stuff I have been doing, and that is to draw in that dark coldness of late ‘90s d&b tech-step, using a foundation of fat breaks, just like hardcore and rave did, but doing it in a way so it has a contemporary tone and flavour. This is what you’ll hear on the rest of the EP.“

Listen to the exclusive premiere of Hooverian Blur’s ‘Alcatraz’ from ‘Varvet009’ below, and pre-order the vinyl here.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.