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Premiere: I Hate Models ‘Spreading Plague (Perc Remix)’

French techno behemoth I Hate Models readies his incendiary ‘Spreading Plague’ EP on Perc Trax. Perc’s own remix of the title track is typically brutal excursion of tough rhythms and agile distortion...

I Hate Models will release his new EP, ‘Spreading Plague’, via the incomparable Perc Trax on 23rd November.

Since emerging in 2016, the French DJ/producer has made propulsive, merciless waves in the underground, becoming known for his brutally fast and noisy sets that fuse rabid techno, classic rave styles and the sort of melodic trance elements that feel like they’re being played through a tractor engine.

Stepping up on Perc’s label seemed the most logical step for the masked producer after performing at numerous showcases this year. With a ten-minute behemoth of a title track opening up proceedings on the EP, that step seems to have been a giant one.

Perc himself serves up a remix of that title track on the B-side and, as you can hear below, it’s a typically brutal excursion of tough rhythms and agile distortion that wields the brash motifs of the original with dagger sharp dexterity.

You’ll be able to grab the EP here.