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Premiere: Ido Plumes ‘Which Way Is Up’

Next up on Livity Sound is Bristol’s own Ido Plumes with the ‘Away From The Reign’ EP. Hear the depth-charge UK techno cut ‘Which Way Is Up’ now

Ido Plumes will release his new EP ‘Away From The Reign’ via Livity Sound this Friday 1st May. 

The Bristol native steps up on Peverelist’s consistently cutting edge label with three cuts that push the frontiers of UK techno, with distinctive nods being given to the bass-weight and soundsystem culture that his hometown is known for. 

‘Which Way Is Up’ opens with a rippling water sample, before diving deeper with a bubbling rhythm and depth-charge bass eruptions. A moody, addictive cut that you’ll feel vibrating across your chest. Check it out below. 

Pre-order 'Away From The Reign' here.