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Premiere: Isabella ‘Prankster’s Lullaby’

Brooklyn music platform Bizaarbazaar readies a new 40-track digital compilation. Hear Isabella’s maximal techno cut ‘Prankster’s Lullaby’ now…

Isabella premiere DJ Mag BIZAARBAZAAR
Isabella premiere DJ Mag BIZAARBAZAAR

Brooklyn-based music platform Bizaarbazaar will release its latest compilation this Saturday 2nd February. Unlike any regular Bandcamp release however, the initial run for this 40-track collection is being released via *checks notes*... a T-shirt.

From Saturday, you’ll be able to purchase a T-shirt through the label, on each of which there will be a unique download code giving you access to the massive compilation, which features tracks from the likes of Simkin, Tristan Arp, Bergonist and Isabella, whose contribution you can hear below. The release will also be tied to a live broadcast on NTS.

The comp, which will be released in a more standard digital format in due course, features a wide array of forward thinking electronic music spanning from techno and electro to ambient and abstract sound design. In producing their pieces for the release, artists were asked to respond to themes of “Sonic Fragments” and “Rhythmic Weaponry”.

Boston producer/live act Isabella’s contribution to the compilation, ‘Prankster’s Lullaby’ is a maximal, distorted and breaksy techno cut. Her productions have previously been included on releases such as Mumdance’s ‘Shared Meanings’ compilation, as well as Discwoman and Allergy Season’s ‘Physically Sick’ releases. 2019 will see her first LP land via iDEAL Records.

This release marks Bizaarbazaar’s second endeavour of this kind, with their 2017 compilation being released in a double-cassette and zine package.

Get your copy of the compilation here