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Premiere: J-Shadow ‘Exosphere’

J-Shadow experiments with gritty breaks and bass, hypnotic computer sounds and cosmic themes on his new album, ‘Hyperfold’. Hear ‘Exosphere’ now


J-Shadow will release his new EP, ‘Hyperfold’, via Beat Machine Records on 3rd February. 

The latest release from the London-based DJ and producer follows his 2021 EP, ‘SNKRK08’, on Sneaker Social Club.  On Instagram, Beat Machine Records called the work, “a mosaic of atmospheric and spatial sounds, intended to narrate the galactic universes that surround us that we cannot fully understand.”

Inspired by American astronomer Carl Sagan, J-Shadow’s EP draws upon the idea that we all move along multiple dimensions that cross, fold and loop each other. This concept is explored in ‘Hyperfold’ through a mosaic of high-speed angular rhythms layered on atmospheric and ambient interludes which culminate into a distinct yet indefinable sound.  Crossing dimensions in more ways than one, the sonic journey spans elements from breakcore to jungle, littered with unpredictable transitions and tempos.

The third track, ‘Exosphere’, starts with luring beats and hypnotic computer sounds, which amass into discordant beeps and echoes before subtle breaks give way to a mercurial, frenetic breaks. Check it out below. 

‘Hyperfold’ will be released on 3rd February. Pre-order it here