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Premiere: James Heather ‘Bad Role Model (Sarah Davachi Rework)

Ambient composer Sarah Davachi delivers a weightless and captivating rework of James Heather’s post-classical gem ‘Bad Role Model’...

Contemporary pianist James Heather released his debut album ‘Stories From Far Away on Piano’ earlier this year. A luxurious, forward thinking selection of post-classical compositions, Heather invoked the likes of Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds and the late Conor Walsh with subtle electronics and a style that was full of feeling and purpose.

Now, he readies the release of ‘Reworks’ on Coldcut’s recently revived original label, Ahead Of Our Time. On the EP, several artists offer their own reinterpretations of Heather’s album tracks and the results are as varied as they are masterful. From revered harpist Mary Lattimore and Room40 affiliated composer Chihei Hatakeyama to house innovator DJ Seinfeld, these reimaginings of Heather’s worm breathe new life into compositions that were already bursting with it.

One highlight is respected ambient composer and performer Sarah Davachi’s reinterpretation of ‘Bad Role Model’. Many will be familiar with her work, particularly her lauded ‘Gave In Rest’ LP from earlier this year. In reworking ‘Bad Role Model’ she brings a weightless, gossamer quality to Heather’s piece, while maintaining the captivating and mournful atmosphere that made the tracks so good to begin with. Check it out below.

'Reworks' is out tomorrow 7th December. Order it here