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Premiere: Jannah Quill ‘2020’

Australian multi-disciplinary artist Jannah Quill is up next on DJ Plead, T.Morimoto and Jon Watts' SUMAC with five tracks of hi-def club experimentation. Hear the sizzling sub bass of ‘2020’ now

Australian multi-disciplinary artist Jannah Quill will release a new EP via DJ Plead, T.Morimoto and Jon Watts' SUMAC label next week. 

The self-titled EP is Quill’s debut solo release, having spent the past few years developing her artistry with several site specific installations, performances and collaborations. Here, Quill sculps propulsive club jams with a hi-def sheen; glossy melodies and sharp sound designs bounce on thick clouds of bass and beefy drums across its five cuts. You can hear ‘2020’ from the EP below.

Quill’s audiovisual electronic work has been featured in spaces and at festivals including Liquid Architecture Festival, Unsound Festival: Adelaide, Arts Center Melbourne, Kyoto Art Center and beyond. Previously, she has played live support slots for the likes of Giant Swan, Puce Mary and Tzusing. Her live experience is channelled across the tracks in her debut EP, which aims for the dancefloor with a laser pointed focus. 

Jannah Quill’s debut EP will be released on 11th October. Pre-order it here