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Premiere: Jaymie Silk x Richelle ‘Work’

Brussels label Pelican Fly curates a collaborative EP, recorded during a string of summer studio sessions. Hear Jaymie Silk and label co-founder Richelle’s track ‘Work’ now

Brussels label Pelican Fly will release a new collaborative EP this week.

Landing this Friday, Pelican Fly’s ‘PF Camp 01’ was produced during the summer, when the label invited Jaymie Silk and Jesza to their studio to work on their own projects. Before long, those present started working together on music, collaborating on the tracks that would become the EP. The result is a genre-defying release, which darts from ravey, atmospheric d&b into technicolor experimental club music and back again over its four tracks. 

Jaymie Silk and Richelle’s ‘Work’ is dizzying - a nimble, percussive heater made all the more enticing thanks to its eerie ASMR whispers and menacing synths. Check it out below. 

Pre-order ‘PF Camp 01’ here