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Premiere: JESUSLOVESACID ‘Higher Functioning Movements (Radioactive Man Higher Remix)’

Vitalik Recordings’ founder JESUSLOVESACID readies his ‘Tesseract 2’ remix EP. Hear Radioactive Man’s Higher remix of ‘Higher Functioning Movements’ now

Vitalik Recordings’ founder JESUSLOVESACID will release his ‘Tesseract 2’ EP,  a remix EP for his recent ‘Corpus Hypercubus’ LP. 

Featuring two album cuts, ‘Swimming’ and ‘Higher Functioning Movements’, as well as four remixes from Paths, Paul Loraine & Francesco Mami and Radioactive man. 

Radioactive man’s Higher remix of ‘Higher Functioning Movements’ is a bright and galactic electro rework of the original cut, adding a little more sharpness and grit to the  JESUSLOVESACID’s cut. Check it out below.