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Premiere: JKriv & Peter Matson ‘Ewesse Ye ft. Samy Love (Auntie Flo Remix)’

JKriv & Peter Matson debut on Heist Recordings with four cuts of funk-infused house. Hear Auntie Flo’s remix of ‘Ewesse Ye’ featuring Samy Love now

New York’s JKriv and Peter Matson have collaborated on a funk-infused new EP for Heist Recordings, ‘Bigtime’. 

The Razor-n-Tape regular joins the Afro-disco/post-punk troupe Underground System's producer for four cuts of ultra-soulful, ultra-bouncy house music. Auntie Flo also steps in with a percussive Afro-tech remix of ‘Ewesse Ye’, which features a striking vocal performance from Cameroonian singer Samy Love. You can hear that below. 

‘Bigtime’ will be released tomorrow, 26th November. Pre-order it here