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Premiere: Joe Morris ‘Cloud Nine’

Leeds-based balearic vibe merchant Joe Morris steps up on Wonder Stories Records with ‘Cloud Nine’. The original mix is a dreamy, downbeat groover for the sunset slot...

Leeds is hardly the first place you think of balearic house but it seems Joe Morris is determined to change that. A stalwart of the local underground scene for the past 15 years, he has released cuts on celebrated labels such as El Diablos Social Club, Paper Recordings, Is it Balearic, Pleasure Music, Balearic Social and Secret Life Music.

Now, he’s stepping up on Brooklyn’s Wonder Stories label with his ‘Cloud Nine’ EP. Featuring a dreamy, downbeat original mix and three sweet remixes coming from Max Essa, Coyote, Aimes.

Check out the original mix below.

‘Cloud Nine’ drops next week 25th June. Pre-order it here.