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Premiere: John Daly ‘Milestones’

John Daly readies his third LP under his own name, ‘We Will Live Again’. His most personal work to date, ‘Milestones’ is an introspective and melancholic turn with a resolutely sharp beat…

John Daly will release his new album ‘We Will Live Again’ via Dublin label All City on 28th September.

As Night Christ (along with Jack Considine) and The Smoke Clears, the prolific Galway DJ/producer has tended to use aliases for his full-length releases. Now however, Daly is set to release his third album his own name, citing the personal nature of the release as his reason for doing so.

"This music was made over a year and a half period, while I was losing my father to cancer,” Daly explained in the press release for the album. “I don’t usually work with concepts, and certainly didn’t have one in mind making this, but with something this heavy as the backdrop it had to be an influence, especially since my musical gift came from him. This I am only truly realising now.”

“This is the third album under my own name, having worked with aliases for albums since 2012,” he added. “It was always going to be so, and again I now realise that given the personal nature of the project it could only be that way, though i didn't know or question why at the time"

‘Milestones’ – which is premiering below – appears in the latter half of the album and is a perfect blend of the styles Daly has been honing for years now. A blend of the low, melancholic ambience , swerving bass and sharp percussion, the track features vocals from Galway-based vocalist Barbara Vulso.

Pre-order ‘We Will Live Again’ from All City, here.