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Premiere: Johney ‘Stutter Dub’

Brno-based Slovakian DJ Johney steps up on Stranjah’s Deviant Audio with four cuts of gravelly dubstep, half-time and jungle. Hear the roaring breaks and bass of ‘Stutter Dub’ now

Johney will release his new EP, ‘The Bees’, via Strajnah’s Deviant Audio on 10th November. 

The Brno-based Slovakian DJ, producer and member of the Soul Ex Machina collective covers some varied stylistic ground on the EP, spanning jungle, half-time and dubstep with a common thread of low, growling bass coursing through its four tracks. 

Below, you can hear the EP’s closer ‘Stutter Dub’, a searing jungle cut full of frantic breaks, roaring subs and a rib-rattling breakdown.

You'll be able to buy ‘The Bees’ through Deviant Audio's Bandcamp.