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Premiere: Junior XL ‘Ludo Lost’

Next up on TT (FKA Tobago Tracks) is Junior XL with the ‘Fervour Wharf’ EP.  Hear the transportive, Yves Tumor reminiscent ‘Ludo Lost’ now…

TT continues on its way to becoming one of the UK’s most interesting new labels this month with the release of Junior XL’s ‘Fervour Wharf.

Another collection of abstract and hi-def beats for the label, the London-based producer’s debut  solo EP is out this Friday 12th April. It follows a recent live performance on NTS’ Public Order show and 2018’s ‘Born Under a Bad One’ EP on Curl Recordings as a member of Lol K.

The EP swerves from the hazy downtempo of eerie openers ‘Even Though’ and ‘It felt like moving forward, but you've been going round in circles’ into bolder territory on ‘Fervour’, a cut that could pass for a subdued Jai Paul deep cut. Vocals on the EP are provided by TT affiliate Bianca Scout.

‘Ludo Lost’ feels like something Yves Tumor could have produced between the murky depths of ‘Serpent Music’ and the boisterous ‘Safe In The Hands Of Love’. A looped acoustic guitar line pulls itself through a dense beat and a mire of effects and warping before reaching a coarse melodic apex. A delightfully rusty off-kilter gem. Check it out below.

You’ll be able to get ‘Fervour Wharf’ through TT’s Bandcamp.

Meanwhile, check out our Fresh Kicks mix and interview from last year by TT alum, Lucaufer.