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Premiere: KAJA ‘Small Desire’

Malmö-based producer KAJA creates an otherworldly, enigmatic mood on his new ‘Silent Age’ EP. ‘Small Desire’ is a frosty, atmospheric cut to take you to a transcendent, mystical place

Following last year’s debut, ‘Womb Echo’,  Malmö-based KAJA AKA John Cowie is set to release his new EP ‘Silent Age’ via RITE this Friday 1st June.

While maintaining the frosty, atmospheric moods that defined his 2017 album ‘Veil’ under his own name, Cowhie’s KAJA moniker has seen the producer/songwriter veering away from the R&B and electronica structures of former work, instead venturing into more ambient, conceptual, layered structures. ‘Womb Echo’, for instance, used purposeful, intimate sampling to explore the anxieties, excitement, waiting and fear of welcoming a child into the world. Samples included sounds of his son’s heartbeat from an ultrasound as well as his laughing and crying after he was born.

‘Silent Age’ is a more immediate affair than the previous release, though the use of field recordings, tape manipulations, synths and 808s remains. ‘Mind Deep’ for instance, is a meditative affair with sighing melodic creaks on top of a hypnotic hi-hat rhythm.

‘Small Desire’ - premiering below – is the EP’s most club-ready track, with a strong back bone carrying its lush ambient textures, gossamer arpeggios and glistening synth patterns.

You can pre-order ‘Silent Age’ here.