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Premiere: Karen Gwyer ‘Caught You’

Karen Gwyer and Johanna Knutsson ready their split EP on Oscillate Tracks. Hear Gwyer’s kaleidoscopic and fast-paced ‘Caught You’ now

Karen Gwyer and Johanna Knutsson will release their split EP on Berlin party Oscillate’s label this Saturday 20th July.

The label’s third EP – having debuted in November 2018 with a gorgeous split from Roza Terrenzi and D.Tiffany – Oscilate003 finds both producers showcasing their distinctive styles, swerving from squelchy, dubbed-out techno to rapid, ethereal breaks. 

Gwyer’s tracks, ‘The Way You Drive’ and ‘Caught You’, boast the Berlin-based, Iowa-born producer and live artist’s typically rapid, off-kilter rhythms and syrupy melodic strands. ‘Caught You’ is glimmering and beautifully layered, its quick pace propelling its delicate synth beds and smooth arpeggios to dreamy heights. Check it out below. 

This EP marks Gwyer’s second new release this month, following the rivetting ‘Man On Mountain’ on Don't Be Afraid, her first new material since 2017's 'Rembo' LP.

Pre-order the EP here.