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Premiere: Keyzuz 'Cancri Transmission'

OOOQQI founder Keyzuz serves up a typically bass heavy production with her latest single. Listen to the warped dubstep sounds and low-end atmospherics of 'Cancri Transmission' now

Ghanaian artist Keyzuz has announced her latest release, 'Cancri Transmission'.

The masked DJ and producer has pioneered the sounds of dubstep and bass music in Ghana, pushing the country's boundary-breaking artists into the spotlight. She founded online music platform Beat Phreaks, where Ghanaian artists can share their experiences, live sets and discuss the industry as a collective, as well as starting leftfield-genre night No Requests in the capital, Accra.

On her latest release, 'Cancri Transmission', which marks the launch of her new label, OOOQQI, Keyzuz showcases her passion for music that sits firmly around 140bpm. Opening with a combination of field recordings and sampled voices, the track soon spirals into a heady sci-fi vortex, with heavy emphasis on the low-end and the addition of archetypal dubstep flute.

Speaking on the track, Keyzuz shared: "Cancri Transmission is part of a sonic experiment inspired by my fascination with life beyond our planet and explores immersion into textures that transport you into different spaces and dimensions. It’s a juxtaposition of seemingly familiar sounds and alien-like textures that seeks to explore the concept of music on other planets and what form that might take."

Listen to 'Cancri Transmission' below and purchase the track via bandcamp.

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