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Premiere: Lake Haze ‘Circuits_Dream’

E-Beamz readies the debut LP from Lake Haze, ‘Glitching Dreams’. Hear the sizzling and euphoric electro of ‘Circuits_Dream’ now

Lake Haze will release his debut album, ‘Glitching Dreams’ via E-Beamz this Friday 4th October. 

The Portuguese-born, Netherlands-based producer’s LP is as colourful and atmospheric as its title suggests, darting from fizzling electronics a lá Autechre and Aphex Twin into more rugged acid electro and techno corners. It can at times feel distorted, as if it’s trying to scramble your brain a bit, but delicate emotive motifs and moments are never too far away.

Take ‘Circuits_Dream’ for example. On top of a somber legato synth bed, a bouncy electro beat and sizzling, euphoric arpeggio pattern come in, making for a triumphant dancefloor mood-piece in the same vein as Bicep’s ‘Just’ or Orbital’s ‘Belfast’. Check it out below. 

Pre-order ‘Glitching Dreams’ here.