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Premiere: Leifur James ‘Ritual’

Leifur James readies his new haunting album ‘Angel In Disguise’ on Night Time Stories. Hear the crackling drums, wavering synths and cinematic piano of ‘Ritual’ now

London electronic artist and composer Leifur James will release his new album ‘Angel In Disguise’ via Late Night Tales sister label, Night Time Stories, on 5th June.

The album follows the artist’s 2018 album, ‘A Louder Silence’, which fused smoothe jazz tropes with smoky electronics, trip-hop grooves and melancholic vocals. ‘Angel In Disguise’ finds James leaning further into glitchy electronics and nocturnal atmospheres, with modular percussion and layered synths propelling James’ vocals, making for a haunting LP that explores love and loss with an enticing poise. 

‘Ritual’, the album’s fourth single, lands just past the album’s mid-point, and is as close to a dancefloor cut that James’ has come. Its crackling groove feels indebted to Burial’s nightbus-tailored garage, while wavering synth cries and cinematic pianos give the track a sense of weight and intensity, as mysterious and spectral as the album’s dusty artwork.

Check it out below. 

Pre-order 'Angel In Disguise' here.