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Premiere: Long Island Sound 'Cosmic Spring'

Dublin-born duo Long Island Sound return to their Signs Of Space imprint for the third time with a new EP, 'Nowhere But Here'. Listen to shimmering synths and rolling melodies on 'Cosmic Spring' now

Long Island Sound return with a four-track EP next month.

Born and based in Dublin, duo Rob and Tim AKA Long Island Sound have been producing music together for over five years, releasing records on the likes of Roots For Bloom, alongside artists like Folamour and Roy Vision, and on fellow Irish DJ/producer Bobby Analog's Body Fusion.

Now, the pair return to their own Signs Of Space imprint with a four-track EP, 'Nowhere But Here'. Landing on July 31st, the latest SOS 12" paints celestial soundscapes, moving through swirling textures and breaks.

A2, 'Cosmic Spring', emerges from shimmering pads and percussion, with soft synth weaving through buttery melodies and chords. It's a signature Long Island Sound production, and a nod to the duo's main inspiration: "our ever-expanding universe".

Pre-order 'Nowhere But Here' via Lobster Records, and listen to 'Cosmic Spring' below.