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Premiere: Marlon Hoffstadt ‘Captains Announcement’

Marlon Hoffstadt readies his ‘Ready For Take Hoff’ EP on his own Midnight Themes. Hear the triumphant melodic electro cut,  ‘Captains Announcement’ now…

Marlon Hoffstadt will release his new EP, ‘Ready For Take Hoff’, on 19th April via his own Midnight Themes label.

The Berlin-based producer, DJ and Savour The Moment party founder follows February’s ‘Simple Communication’ with a four-track outing of euphoric electro and glimmering proto house with more than a few moments of blissed out trance.

Originally produced without any intent for release, meant only to be played at his no-phones-allowed Savour The Moment parties at Berlin’s Wilde Renate club – a new entry in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs poll this year – Hoffstadt showcases his humorous side on these dancefloor ready cuts, while still taking aim at the painfully digital lives we find ourselves sucked into.

On ‘Captains Announcement’, a joyous and urgent electro track with a triumphant melodic hook, a voice tells us to “turn off your phone” and “savour the moment”. It's the sort of track you can easily finds yourself getting blissfully lost in, forgetting the outside world,  and certainly forgetting that pointless row you had on the Internet earlier. You can hear the track premiering exclusively below.

Pre-order ‘Ready For Take Hoff’ here.