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Premiere: Mathis Ruffing ‘Thee Bust’

Next up on Marlon Hoffstadt’s Savour The Moment is Mathis Ruffing with the ‘030 Bass’ EP. Hear the sizzling electro breaks of ‘Thee Bust’ now 

Mathis Ruffing will release hiew EP, ‘030 Bass’, via Marlon Hoffstadt’s Savour The Moment label in April. 

The Berlin producer offers up four dazzling cuts of break-laced electro here, with nimble rhythms and wobbly bass grooves darting around dreamy atmospheres that will feel familiar to fans of the label’s output .

‘Thee Bust’ is tough and agile, with a sizzling beat and glitching vocals swirling under its growling bass. Check it out below. 

'030 Bass' is out on 24th April. Pre-order it here