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Premiere: Morwell ‘Relics’

Morwell’s debut album, ‘Souls’, is a multicoloured eruption of sci-fi rave sounds and soundsystem pressure. Hear the glitchy, dystopian dub and haunting vox of ‘Relics’ now

UK producer Morwell will release his debut album, ‘Souls’, this month.

Elements of jungle, breakbeat, footwork, dub and more are stitched into a futuristic sci-fi tapestry across these 14 tracks, which attempt to channel the euphoria and adrenaline of formative raves and sounds, while simultaneously creating an immersive, otherworldly atmosphere.

The results are thrilling: from the glitchy d&b of ‘Delirium’, ‘Revelations’ and ‘Soul Technologies’ and the cinematic half-time of ‘Channels’ and ‘Vertigo’, to the eerie propulsion of ‘Biosonics’ and ‘Uprising’, the cosmic fog that courses through this record is enthralling and rapturous. With remixes from DJ Manny, DJ FLP and El Blanco Niño to boot, this one is not to be missed. 

Below, you can hear ‘Relics’, a dystopian cut that bursts with soundsystem pressure and glitchy, haunting vocals. 

‘Souls’ will be released on 18th June. Pre-order it here