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Premiere: Mukqs ‘False Minoshiro'

Chicago’s Mukqs steps up on Doc Sleep and dabecy’s Jacktone Records with the ‘Mem Aleph’ album. Hear the mesmerising and delightfully off-kilter ‘False Minoshiro' now...

Up next on Doc Sleep and dabecy’s Jacktone Records is Chicago-based experimental musician Maxwell Allison AKA Mukqs with a marvellous six-track album, ‘Mem Aleph’.

Following Doc Sleep’s ‘Crème Fraîche’ EP, Jacktone will release ‘Mem Aleph’ on cassette and digitally on 7th June. A member of experimental duo Good Willsmith and co-founder of experimental tape label Hausu Mountain Records, ‘Mem Aleph’ marks Mukqs first appearance on Jacktone.

In keeping with the frenetic sound-clashes, sample explosions and colourful imagery that characterise Hausu Mountain, ‘Mem Aleph’ is a delightfully off-kilter collection full of sounds from YouTube, anime and film – only this time round the music feels a touch more focussed on the dancefloor.

Think Dosh, The Books and arcade game soundtracks meets DJ Koze, Drexciya, Autechre and Gold Panda. The melodies on display here are playful and emotive, while steady rhythms keep things driven and active.

Below, you can hear ‘False Minoshiro', the heaviest cut on the album thanks to its Chicago-juke-adjacent beat and glistening synth beds, warped vocals and cantering bass. It’s really very rad. Check it out.

Pre-order ‘Mem Aleph’ here