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Premiere: Munyasya ‘Incandescent Plight’

KMRU curates the latest instalment of Air Texture’s ‘Place’ charity compilation series, focusing on artists from Nairobi. Hear Munyasya’s ‘Incandescent Plight’ now

New York label Air Texture will release the latest instalment of its ‘Place’ charity compilation series this month, curated by KMRU with a focus on artists from his native Nairobi, Kenya. 

As with previous compilations in the series, which have highlighted sounds from Ecuador, Vancouver, Georgia, Colombia and The Netherlands, 'Place : Nairobi' is a not-for-profit release that will raise money for a local environmental initiative, The Green Belt Movement (GBM). The non-governmental organisation focuses on conservation, democracy, community empowerment and conflict resolution, and works to empower local communities, particularly women, in order to help improve their livelihoods and protect their surroundings.

The compilation features 14 tracks by electronic artists from Nairobi, including Janice Iche, Nabalayo, Kimina, Coco Em and KMRU himself. Below, you can hear Munyasya’s contribution,  ‘Incandescent Plight’, an atmospheric deep house cut built on a driving beat, pulsating bass and subtle vocal samples. 

Touching on ambient, experimental, house, hip-hop and more, 'Place : Nairobi' celebrates the variety to be found in the city’s electronic landscape. “The scene is quite diverse in styles and ‘Place: Nairobi’ is only a scratch of the surface of what’s happening in the Nairobi electronic music scene,” KMRU said of the release. “The curation focuses on burgeoning artists exploring different sonic auralities in music production.”

'Place : Nairobi' will be released on 24th September. You can pre-order it here