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Premiere: Nikki Nair ‘Free Kites’

Knoxville, Tennessee’s Nikki Nair is up next on Mr. Mitch’s Gobstopper Records with the ‘Morphism’ EP. Hear the swerving, breezy ‘Free Kites’ now

Nikki Nair will release his ‘Morphism’ EP via Mr. Mitch’s ever-reliable Gobstopper Records on 11th October. 

The Knoxville, Tennessee DJ/producer has previously released on labels like Scuffed Recordings and TRAM Planet. Boasting a rugged, bass-heavy sound that morphs techno with flourishes of electro, EBM and bass, Nair has gradually introduced himself as a force to be reckoned with.

His five-track debut on Gobstopper keeps the momentum going, with the producer leaning into the vibrant, big soundsystem-focussed sounds that have come to define the label. Following releases from BFTT and Mr. Mitch himself, Nair’s EP rolls from intoxicating techno (‘Low Dimension’) and warped dub (‘Joan’) to sparse, sci-fi electro (‘Animals’)

The EP concludes with ‘Free Kites’, an ambling cut of minimal groove, trippy samples and a breezy atmosphere. Check it out below. 

Pre-order 'Morphism' here.

Photo credit: Holly Rainey