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Premiere: NX1 ‘EW4’

Next up on Earwiggle is Spanish techno duo NX1. Hear the gravelly and propulsive ‘EW4’ now

Spanish techno duo NX1 are next up on Sunil Sharpe’s ever-reliable Earwiggle label.

A four-track selection of caustic, banging techno, the simply titled ‘EW’ EP is a typically heavy offering from the label. Each cut here is more than capable of sending club floors big or small into a frenzy. 

It marks what will be the final release on Earwiggle for 2019. It’s been another stellar year for the label with the continuation of the Eel Behavrious V/A EP series, as well as a Brenecki EP.

You can hear the closer to NX1’s EP below, a gravelly, spacious and irresistable roller to provide some breathing space in even the heaviest of sets. 

‘EW’ is out on transparent charcoal 12” on 25th October, and will be available digitally from the 31st. Pre-order here.