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Premiere: NYX feat. ft. MA.MOYO ‘Mutualism (LCY 'Fire' Remix)’

Experimental drone choir NYX invite Deena Abdelwahed, Anna Wall, LCY and their own Sian O’Gorman to remix their recent single, ‘Mutualism’. Hear LCY’s ‘Fire’ remix now

Experimental drone choir NYX have invited various producers to remix their recent single, ‘Mutualism’. The remix EP will be released on 7th December. 

The London-based collective have enlisted Deena Abdelwahed, LCY and Anna Wall to put their own spin on the track, as well as NYX’s own musical director Sian O’Gorman. Each producer’s remix is inspired by a different natural element. You can hear LCY’s ‘Fire’ remix below. 

The meditative, 10-minute original track, which features remotely recorded vocals from 14 NYX artists as well as poet and musician MA​.​MOYO, is put through a string of stylistic interpretations across the EP, from O’Gorman’s lush ‘Water’ remix to LCY’s sizzling, turbocharged club rework. 

‘Mutualism Remixed EP’ will be released on 7th December. Pre-order it here

NYX is an experimental collective, which aims to reinterpret the definition of a female choir by introducing innovative techniques and electronic instrumentation into their work. Last year, they released a collaborative album with Gazelle Twin, titled ‘Deep England’

Earlier this year, LCY released an EP, ‘Pulling Teeth’, via their own SZNS7N label.