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Premiere: Otik ‘Seasonal FX’

Otik returns to Keysound Recordings with two cuts of exquisite and emotive UK techno. Hear the frosty breakbeats of ‘Seasonal FX’ now 

Otik will release his new EP, ‘Amor/Seasonal FX’, on Keysound Recordings on 25th September.

It marks the London-based, Bristol-born artist’s second release on the label this year, having also dropped exquisite EPs on Midland’s InterGraded and Mr. Mitch’s Gobstopper in recent months. On ‘Amor/Seasonal FX’, Otik sets aside the buoyant, syncopated grooves that were found on his last Keysound offering. In their place, we find earthier, propulsive beats that dig deep into the emotional core of his productions. ““Both of these tunes mean an awful lot to me,” he says of the release. “They each remind me of two very significant periods of my life.”

“These tracks were made during polarising moods,” he adds. “They remind me of both a time I was very content, and a period of turmoil.”

‘Seasonal FX’ was written last winter, and glimmers with frosty breakbeats and a sombre, melodic atmosphere. With shades of ‘90s rave nostalgia in its driving beat and reflective vocal fragments, it’s full of heart and tender resolve. Check it out below. 

Pre-order ‘Amor/Seasonal FX’ here

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