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Premiere: Ovid ‘Pressure Plate’

Burgeoning hard drum label Flood readies its first EP of 2020, Ovid’s ‘Dustbringer’. Hear the rollicking percussion and rumbling bass of ‘Pressure Plate’ now

Cork-based hard drum label Flood will release its first new music of 2020 on 7th February in the form Ovid’s ‘Dustbringer’.

The Washington DC producer’s two-track EP also marks the label’s first release from an artist outside of Ireland, with previous EPs and singles coming from core label members and friends such as Doubt, Tension and Syn. 

Below you can hear the EP’s B-Side, ‘Pressure Plate’, which lunges forward with rollicking percussion, fluttering vocal samples and low, rumbling bass. 

Pre-order ‘Dustbringer’ here