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Premiere: Perc ‘Pivot’

Perc readies ‘Three Tracks To Send To Your Ghost Producer’ on his own Perc Trax. ‘Pivot’ is a typically merciless techno cut from the UK figurehead...

Perc will release his new EP, ‘Three Tracks To Send To Your Ghost Producer’, this Friday 1st March.

The techno figurehead’s first release on his own Perc Trax label since the astonishing ‘Bitter Music’ LP in 2017, the EP comprises of a merciless techno triptych – a pointed reminder of the producer’s long-established position at the top of the UK techno food chain.

Following the immense success of ‘Bitter Music’, and particularly the track ‘Look What Your Love Has Done To Me’, this new EP is, according to a press release, intended as “a response to the endless wave of rip-off’s, rehashes and re-edits that track spawned”.

It’s a typically ferocious offering, from the quadruplet rhythms and piercing melodic stabs of ‘Toxic NRG’ to the haywire rolling snares of ‘Driller’. ‘Pivot’ – which you can hear below – closes the EP with a pummelling rhythm wrapped and warped with electrified noise.

Easy-going stuff, really.

Pre-order ‘Three Tracks To Send To Your Ghost Producer’ here.